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“Latimer needs to be transparent about Westchester County Workforce Demographics”

The City of Yonkers is transparent about their Full Time Workforce.


By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Why is County Executive Latimer hiding their Full Time Demographics numbers?


Before the Latino Voter goes to vote in the Congressional Primary of June 25, The Westchester Latino Voter needs to know what Latimer did as County Executive to diversify our County Government Workforce.


Below is a graph highlighting the Yonkers Experience!  The Yonkers Latino Community makes up over 40% of the Total Yonkers Population, however we bale up less than 15% of the workforce.


The Westchester County Latino Population is afraid that we may find similar horrendous numbers in Westchester County. If proven true, this is appalling and Hon. George Latimer needs to address it immediately.


The total 2024 Westchester County population is 989,898 persons. The Hispanic Community is approximately 26% of the total population or 257,000 Latinos living in Westchester County.


The Westchester County Latino Community requests that you, County Executive Latimer make this information public immediately.


The Latino Community wants to know the number of Latino Full Time Employees in Westchester County Government and their salaries.


Please call Fernando Fuentes, at 646-330-2340 so we can publish the information. We eagerly await your response.


The Latino Community wants to see these numbers before we cast a vote for you!


Yonkers Musical Chairs in 2024

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


Mayor Spano stopped the music and once again the Latino Community has no chair to sit in. We are left standing and asked to leave the dance floor.

The Mayor’ Cabinet looks very similar to his last three terms. Maybe different titles, but the same people.

Mayor Mike Spano is not inclusive in his administration. Yonkers is a much-diversified City without representation in the Mayor’s Cabinet. Mayor Spano has one Hispanic Carlos Moran, Commissioner of Human Resources and One Black, William Norman, Director of Veterans Affairs in his cabinet.

I will not bother to mention their names; you can go to the Yonkers website below and see the faces and names of the Mayor’s administration.  

The Administration | City of Yonkers, NY (

Some of these individuals are doing double duty by covering the money-making pits of the City of Yonkers. People of trust must hold these positions.

I almost forgot, effective immediately, Yonkers Mayor Spano’ salary is $228,500 for a city with 215,000 residents.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City with over eight (8) million residents has a salary of $258,750.

Not bad Mike!

First stop for 2024 is the ‘Money Pit”, Yonkers Industrial Development Agency and their approval of Miroza Towers Economic Development Project, which will be located at 44 Hudson Street in Downtown Yonkers. Please read the article that came out February 1, 2024

Yonkers IDA Approves Incentives for Miroza Tower In Downtown Yonkers ( 


The Miroza Tower is an upcoming 25-story residential building located at 44 Hudson Street in downtown Yonkers, New York. Developed by Azorim Investment, Development & Construction Co. Ltd., this tower will offer 250 rental units along with a collection of amenity spaces and a small commercial component on the ground floor1. The project aims to blend city-living convenience with the natural views of Westchester.

Here are some key details about the Miroza Tower:


The massing of the building features an undulating series of stacked ribbons, creating more than a dozen voids and cantilevers that serve as private terraces for premium residences. The ribbons also adapt to the site’s uneven topography, ensuring a dynamic architectural design. The rooftop garden offers views toward the Hudson River and the Palisades1.

Follow the money…. As an example, just a while ago, AMS Acquisitions, a Major Developer in West Yonkers received over $16 million dollars from the Industrial Development Agency (IDA).  Mayor Mike Spano is the Chairman of the Board and a major Lobbyist from Yonkers represent Miroza Towers. .


Follow the NYS Lobbyist Link:

AMS Acquisitions another developer: Follow the link

Tremendous Development is taking place in Yonkers, but the same players are benefitting and   “Eating Alone.”

”How does the Yonkers Latino Community benefit from these projects?  

The Money Pit continues for the few!! The Yonkers Latino Political Action Club articles will continue to highlight the people who benefit from all these shenanigans. We will keep you informed. Thank you.

Yonkers Latino Political Action Club | politics | Yonkers, NY, USA (

Bowman VS. Latimer

16th Congressional District  Primary

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


The 16th Congressional District covers parts of the Bronx and parts of Westchester County, including Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon.


The 16th Congressional District population is 775,000 persons. The “Demographics are as follows:


White-: 34%

Black - 29%

Hispanic- 27%

Other– 10%


35% Non– English speakers at home

50% are homeowners

Per Capita Income- $62,726

48% College educated

$634,000 “Medium Value Owner Occupied Housing Units”


Some of the issues highlighted by both candidates running for the 16th Congressional District are:


· Public Safety

· Healthcare

· Child Care

· Affordable Housing


A very important part of this Primary on June 25, 2024 are the new Congressional Lines. New York State will draw new lines that will determine who will have an edge in the Primary.


Bowman thinks he will have the upper hand if the new lines include more of the Bronx, while Latimer thinks that if more of Westchester County and Rockland County is included, he will have the upper hand in the Primary.


In a very short time, the voters will know the actual Congressional Lines and then they will make their choice heard.


The War in the Middle East is an ever-present issue, which is polarizing the 16th Congressional District. There are many voters who are criticizing Bowman for voting against a November Resolution condemning the support of Hamas, a Terrorist Group. Bowman was also one of nine Democrats to vote against an October resolution declaring that the House of Representatives “stands with Israel as it defends itself against the barbaric war launched by Hamas.” NY Post

 Bowman VS. Latimer


Latimer states that he is a strong supporter of Israel, the only Democratic nation in the Middle East. Latimer also highlighted that Bowman voted against President Biden’s infrastructure Bill, which offers job opportunities to Americans. The Residents of the 16th Congressional District need someone who will stand with President Biden to help the men and women of America.


We do not need someone who stands with the MAGA wing of the Republican Party. As a former Yonkers elected official, I worked closely with former Congressman Eliot Engel and saw his influence in our community. We had a Congressman who stood by our Democratic Presidents and supported the Democratic Agenda.


We need a Congress Member who is touch with our Community. A member who knows the District has concerns, needs, and knows how to secure the Executive branch of government support for their initiatives. The initiatives will bring the American Dream to as many residents of our District as Possible.  


This is a “Historical Election.” In 2024 the very essence of our Democracy is on the line. We need a Unified Democratic Team ready to defend America.


We need President Biden re-elected with a Democratic majority in both Houses. A Democratic Majority that will work with our President to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States.


Vote June 25, 2024 for President Biden and a Congressional delegation that will support our President, support the needs of the 16th Congressional District and support the Democratic nations of the world.

Time to Wake Up Mis Hermanos/Hermanas

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


Today, we have 21 Days left before Yonkers decides who will be our next mayor.

Will it be our current Mayor, Mike Spano, who has occupied City Hall for 12 Years or will it be Council Member Anthony Merante, who is aspiring to represent the City of Yonkers as the next Mayor of Yonkers.

Many resident have seen and heard the last debate. Click on the link below to see the entire debate.

The Latino Voter did not put fire under the candidates feet!!

Did the Latino community get a commitment from either candidate that the Mayor would appoint Latino’s in the next Mayor’s cabinet?

Did the Latino Community get a commitment that the next Mayor would appoint Latino Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Latino Corporation Counsels, Deputy Corporation Counsels, Directors etc.?

Did the Latino Community get a commitment from either Mayoral Candidate that they would appoint Latino Developers to work on MAJOR Yonkers Projects?

I fear that the Latino Voter will be eating crumbs once again after this Mayoral Election November 7, 2023. Why, because the Latino Voter gave their endorsements to candidates without any guarantees.

The future Latino leaders of our community need to hold a stakeholders summit to plan for the Next “Westchester County Executive Race 2025 “and the Next “Mayoral Election Race 2028.”

If the current and future Latino Leadership falls asleep again, we will be eating crumbs for the next few decades…

Check the link below and count how many Latinos we have in upper management positions in the City of Yonkers:

Go to the following link to see how many Latinos work in Yonkers Municipal Government:

How many Latino Developers received Development Contracts? Almost 50% of the Yonkers Population is Latino and we still are not a part of the Yonkers Development Family….

We are excluded, because this is the money game!!! Certain Politicians want to receive all the benefits of awarding these contracts…

Below please find some links of “Economic development” in Yonkers…

Let me know if you find a Latino/a Developer!!!!!!!!!

The Next Westchester County Executive Race is 2025.

The Next Yonkers Mayoral Election is 2028

Wake up “Mis Hermanos / Hermanas”!!!!!!

Yonkers Mayoral Elections Is Weeks Away

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


Yonkers Mayoral Election is just a few weeks away!

Yonkers, Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Yonkers Mayoral Candidates are:

  1. Hon. Mike Spano

  2. Hon. Anthony Merante

The Yonkers Latino Community is growing every day. The United States Census Bureau in 2020 estimated that there are approximately 85,000 Latinos residing in Yonkers.

The Latino Community is approximately 40% of the “215,000 Total Yonkers Population.”

The Latino Vote will influence this election more than any other election in the past 40 years.

Hon. Mike Spano received a total of 18,371 votes in 2019 against Mr. Mario De Giorgio. That is when Hon. Mike Spano broke with “Term Limits” to run for a third term.

On November 7, 2023, Hon. Mike Spano will once again break with “Term Limits” and run for his 4th term as mayor.

Should Hon. Mike Spano win, he will be the Mayor of Yonkers for 16 Years. I am certain that if he has nowhere to go politically in four years, Hon. Mike Spano will run again for Mayor of Yonkers in 2027.

The Latino “Voting Block” which is greater than the total votes that Hon. Mike Spano received in 2019 (18,371) can elect the next Mayor of Yonkers.

The Latino Leadership of Yonkers needs to unite with one voice and demand of both Mayoral Candidates Hon. Mike Spano & Hon. Anthony Merante.

  1. Proportional Latino/a Representation in the Next Mayor’s Cabinet

  2. 1st Deputy Mayor

  3. 2nd Deputy Mayor

  4. Chief of Staff

  5. Director of Communications

  6. Director of Sustainability

City of Yonkers Departments-Proportional Latino/a Representation

Yonkers Latino Leadership, hold Hon. Mike Spano and Hon. Anthony Merante’ feet to the fire.

The Pie Chart below is a true fact. These are Yonkers Official Numbers that were submitted to the Federal and State Government.

Crisis in Yonkers

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


The world is watching The United States of America as it navigates through a constitutional crisis. A former President and some of his followers were indicted for a myriad of crimes. The United States of America has never experienced this type of political calamity.


Will the United States continue to be the Beacon of Democracy?


"While the U.S. had a spotty record, which included supporting oppressive regimes and abusive practices, especially during the Cold War era, America nonetheless emerged as a global standard setter for democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and has projected these values globally.

President Jimmy Carter and congressional assertiveness in the late 1970s moved human rights and democracy to the forefront of American foreign policy. President Reagan’s work with a bipartisan coalition in Congress to create the National Endowment for Democracy in 1983 expanded U.S. activity advancing democracy abroad." By: Orit Frenkel, Executive Director, ALI, and Claude Fontheim, ALI Advisory Board Member


In Some dark corners of America, where conspiracies are born, one can hear sinister voices whisper words of doing away with term limits so that Trump can remain in power until he drops.

In Yonkers, Term Limits have disappeared!

We have in Yonkers, What Trump wants in Washington, D.C. "Do Away with Term Limits."

We hear at Yonkers City Council Meetings, a chorus of orchestrated howling, "Four More Years." Who are these voices, what is the genesis of their screams. Why does Spano encourage their orchestrated well acted performances throughout the City?


Is it power?

Is it the Job Market ?

America and Yonkers need a strong ethical, law abiding person. who will take the tiller and turn the rudder to steer America away from evil and darkness.

In Yonkers, the voters will decide on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

In the United States of America the Voters will decide on Tuesday, November 5, 2024

Let's "Pray" for God's guidance, so that we can once again be the "Beacon of Democracy and the City of Gracious Living."

Healthcare in Yonkers

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember


St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, under the leadership of Mr. Ron Corti, spearheaded the Committee for Achieving Regional Equity in Healthcare (CARE), so as to better serve the local, albeit disenfranchised residents.

The CARE mission was devised to eliminate the healthcare disparities suffered by the City of Yonkers and the surrounding communities. The intention was to achieve healthcare equity by identifying the deficiencies and disparities with the intention to promote effective strategies to optimize the delivery of healthcare locally. St. John’s Riverside Hospital championed a professional, respectful, ethical, and compassionate demeanor by which all would be served.

The process began by assessing the healthcare needs of the residents and thereafter devising and formulating practical solutions.

United States Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer began the process by securing almost $1 million to upgrade St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Maternity Unit with new equipment, programs, and protocol focused on Black maternal healthcare concerns in 2022. 


Senator Schumer noted that, “U.S. expectant mothers were dying at the highest rate in the  developed world and Black women were three times more likely to die from complications of pregnancy and twice as likely to suffer birth complications; 28% of  St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s maternal patients are mothers of color.”

Black maternal death was a critical issue that needed to be addressed, and Senator Schumer took the lead by funding the means toward a solution.

According to 2019 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “some of the leading causes of death among Hispanics include cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries (accidents), stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. “Feb 24, 2023

We also find that many Latino families are uninsured or under insured. Preventative medicine is minimal at best because of the lack of health insurance and a lack of residency documentation.

Disparities in “Health Care” is real!

St. John’s Riverside Hospital is addressing The City of Yonkers’ community concerns to the best of their abilities.

We must help where we can and support St. John’s Riverside Hospital when we can.

Yonkers Inc.

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

Some families are involved in politics and convert it into a family business. Some families are altruistic and get involved in politics to help others. Other families do it to attain power and influence. Others do it so that they can attain a good living for themselves, their offspring and their siblings.  


Yonkers is a microcosm of Washington, D.C.. What we see in Yonkers, multiply 1,000% and we have Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. is a cesspool of nepotism, corruption and influence peddling. It's more who you know then what you know.


We can go back to Ronald Regan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush 2, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now. Joe Biden. Deals are cut, benefits are received and life goes on.


Currently the news media is talking about Hunter Biden and Jared Kushner. Both made fortunes based on their last name and their connection to power. Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine and Jared Kushner made Billions with Saudi Arabia after he left the White House, where he worked for Donald Trump.


In Yonkers it's very similar....


Mike Spano is the Mayor, or the Chief Executive Officer of the Yonkers Corporation. His brother control;s the City Clerk's Office where just recently the Term Limits petition was thrown out for insufficient valid signatures. Now the family can continue in power, without worrying about term limits. 


Term Limits would end the gravy train!


Term limits must never come back to Yonkers, while the Spano's are in control. 


The Spano's, their in-laws, cousins and close friends are a significant part of the fabric of Yonkers.  


They are scattered throughout the City.. You never know who is related, because a Spano daughter married and now they have a different last name by marriage, but they are a "Spano."


If you want a Pilot Grant, tax break or loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand your business..Where do you go? The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a good start. Spano's sister in law is the Executive Director. The President of IDA is big brother Nick Spano's former Business Partner. Who is the "Consultant" for the business persons who appear before the IDA Board for Tax Breaks, Grants, Loans or any other favor..You guessed it!!  Former Senator Nick Spano, President of Empire Strategies, Inc. The Chairman of the IDA Board is , you guessed it, Mayor Mike Spano. 


The Spano spider web travels throughout the City Departments and they have eyes and ears in every corner of the City. The Spano family and their consultants and aides have guided them well...Deputy Mayor Steve Levy is always nearby!!!


The Spano Dynasty is locked solid and have earned their position in the Yonkers Corporation. 


However, we all know that eventually all dynasties fall...


Who will pick up the mantle...If it's a Latino/a I can hear it already..The new Latino dynasty is hiring too many Latinos in City Government. Today's Dynasty has kept to a minimum Latino participation in powerless positions....Tomorrow, when It's a Latino and attempts to do what the Current Spano Dynasty is doing, they will call for a "Federal, State, County and Local Investigation.' 


The former Dynasty will scream from the top of their Lungs, Latino Corruption!!!

We Are Still Eating Crumbs!

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 8.31.28 PM.png
Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

There are 57, 493 Registered Democratic Voters in Yonkers and Mayor Mike Spano received 5,747 Democratic Votes to win the Democratic Primary in June 27, 2023.

Candidates Corazon Pineda-Isaac and Margaret Fountain-Coleman received a total of 2,733 Democratic Primary votes or 32% of the eligible Democratic Voters.

There are 106,769 Active Registered Voters in Yonkers. (57,493 Democrats), (18,493 Republicans) (2,832 Independents), (1,915 Conservatives) and others.

In the November 7, 2023 General Election you may vote for whomever you wish.


The Candidates for Yonkers Mayor are:

Mayor Mike Spano- Democrat

Mayoral Candidate Anthony J. Merante- Republican

Read their biography, read their accomplishments, read about their diversity philosophies and their actual policies.


Vote for the Mayoral Candidate, who has the better vision for Yonkers and whom you believe will offer the Latino Community better opportunities.

Opportunities in working as Deputy Mayor and Assistant Mayor Positions, Commissioner Positions, Corporation Counsel,  and other Important Post where the Latino Community can flourish.

Opportunities in Economic Development, where Latino Construction, Engineering and Architectural Firms can flourish in the City of Yonkers.


We, the Latino Community must be a part of the Yonkers Government Fabric or else find Mayoral Candidates who will have a Diversity Plan and Inclusive Plan for 40% of the Yonkers Total Population.

The Total Yonkers Population is 215,000, according to the 2020 US Census.

The Total Yonkers Latino Population is 85,000, according to the 2020 US Census.

Currently the Latino Population is 40% of the Yonkers Total Population

The Yonkers Joint School Construction Board

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Savin Engineers and KG&D formerly (Kaeyer, Parker & Garment) Architectural Corporation were designated by Yonkers City Hall to build Our New Sonia Sotomayor School Located At  73 Lawrence Street and will Open Its Doors September 2024

(Building Cost $76 Million Dollars) According to Mayor Spano


Know the Process



  1. Authority Mission Statement and Performance Measurements


  1. Yonkers Joint Schools Construct Board / Audit Nick DeSantis, CPA

  • There are approximately 26,000 students in the Yonkers Public Schools.

  • Approximately 16,000 are Latino

According to Mayor Spano the New Sonia Sotomayor School, which is located at 73 Lawrence Street will open its doors in September 2024.

In honor of Hon. Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Justice of the USA Supreme Court, this new school will accommodate nearly 700 students. According to Mayor Spano, The Sotomayor School will also offer medical and dental services to the students, their families and the Community at Large.

In honor of Justice Sonia Sotomayor School, the following Corporations and persons will oversee the expenditures of “Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.”

Mayor Spano, Chairman Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board

Savin Engineers- President, Nivas Srinivasaraghavan

KG&D Architectural Firm –President, Russell A. Davidson

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Firm, PKF O’Connor Davies- Nick DeSantis Project CPA

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes appears on Political Podcast Basement Politics Unfiltered. 

Going Down Memory Lane
in Yonkers Politics!

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

As we head towards the Yonkers Mayoral Election on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, let's try to recall a bit.

In the Bygone years in Yonkers, we the voters knew who were the political candidates and what was their political party affiliation.

A LARGE prominent Yonkers Republican Family has held various Political Posts in the City of Yonkers, Westchester County Government and NYS Government.


Republican Members of this family held the following Positions as Republicans:

  • Westchester County Legislator positions

  •  Westchester County Clerk Position

  •   New York State Assembly Positions

  •  New York State Senate Position

  •  Chairman, Republican Party of Yonkers

  • Chairman, Republican Party of Westchester County


Not too long ago, in 2003 a member of this Prominent Republican Family was involved in a heated Mayoral Primary Election. Phil Amicone defeated this prominent Republican.


The 2003 Yonkers Republican Mayoral Primary Election Results:


Phil Amicone                             3,926 Republican Primary Votes

The Prominent Republican      3,495 Republican Primary Votes


Phil Amicone served two terms as Yonkers Republican Mayor. During this time the Prominent Republican Family was eying the mayor ‘s Office. The Prominent Family Member was in Albany representing Yonkers serving as a Republican NYS Assembly Member.

In 2003 Yonkers Political Party Affiliations were:

Yonkers Democratic Voters       44,000

Yonkers Republican Voters        24,000


By the time Republican Mayor Phil Amicone’s tenure ended, the voting numbers were clear.

Yonkers Republican voter registration had dropped under 20,000 Voters and the Democratic Voters increased TO NEARLY 50,000.

The writing was on the wall!!!


This prominent Republican Family decided that the next candidate for Mayor would be one of their siblings, but he would have to change parties and become a “Democrat.” To win.

Did this Prominent Republican change his way of thinking because he became a Democrat?

This Prominent Republican, who now was a Registered Democrat ran and won the Yonkers Mayoralty after Mayor Phil Amicone left Office in 2012.


For the last 12 years, this prominent Republican has run as a Democrat, but has governed with close Republican allies, who oversee the major Agencies where “Millions of Dollars are doled out and received!


Now in the Summer of 2023, Yonkers voters find themselves in quicksand or a quagmire.

For this November 7, 2023 Mayoral Election, we have a Prominent Republican, who is a Registered Democrat running against   Anthony Merante, the Republican designee.


So, to put is bluntly, we have to choose between two Republicans, who are running for Yonkers Mayor.

Which Republican shall we elect to lead our city for the next four years?

The Republican, who has occupied the Mayor’s Office the last twelve (12) years, or do we want to elect someone new?

Yonkers Latino Political Action Club makes  national news presence

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.58.32 AM copy.jpg

"If you are not at the table, then you are probably on the Menu"

Senator Elizabeth Warren 

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

The Yonkers Latino Political Action Club uses Senator Warren's quote, because it is very relevant in our home town. 


" If the Yonkers Latino Community is not at the table, then we are probably on the Menu." The Latino Community needs to get out and make its voice heard so that the decision makers hear our concerns and know that we are near the table. 


The Latino community has grown geometrically over the past few decades. When I started working in Yonkers, there were approximately 8,500 Latinos living in Yonkers. Today the 2020 US Census estimates that there are approximately 85,000 Latinos living in Yonkers.


The Latino Community like the Spano Family wants to work in their hometown. I don't criticize the Spano family for having various family members and friends working at City Hall. I don't criticize the former Senator Nick Spano for being a lobbyist/consultant for the City of Yonkers making $75,000/month. I do not criticize former Senator Nick Spano for representing the developers that turned our city into the pearl of Westchester. 


There is an expression in Bari, Italy, where the Spano family came from that illustrates the Latino Community's concerns, "Cambiare Tua Mapin" In the Italian language "Cambiare il tuo pettorale"


In Spanish, "Cambia tu babero"


In a nutshell, The bib is dirty, because the Ruling Family eats alone...and it needs to be changed. 


 The Yonkers Latino Community when they sit at the table will need a bib.  The ruling family needs to stop eating alone. They control:


City Jobs

City Contracts

City Development

City Housing

City Zoning

City Planning

City Parking Authority

City Industrial Development Agency

City Civil Service Commission

City Municipal Housing

City Clerk


You get the picture!


The Latino community makes up between 40 and 45% of the Yonkers Total Population (215,000). In less than ten (10) years the US Census Bureau projects that the Yonkers Latino population will be over sixty (60) % of the total population. In less than 10 years the Yonkers Hispanic population will equal 130,000 residents. 


Open your eyes!


How many Latino's work in upper management in the Mayor's Office (0)

How many Latino Developers have been selected by the Mayor to rebuild our beautiful City (0)

How many Latino's on Key Yonkers Boards, (0)

How many Latino's work in the Municipal Workforce of over 2,200 employees (317) (Check their pay!!)

How many Latino's work in Key positions at the Board of Education

How many Latino's work in Key positions at the Industrial Development Agency, IDA\

How many Latino's work in Key Positions at the Yonkers Parking Authority


We are not at the table "YET", but if we struggle, we will get there...The ruling family will not hand over their power and interest we know what we have to do!

Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote....WISELY and with the Interest of the Latino Community. 


We must be at the table, or else we will be on the Menu....They will eat us up!

Latino unity in Yonkers 

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Simon Bolivar wanted to unite South America!


“He freed Peru from Spain in 1824 and Upper Peru in 1825, which renamed itself Bolivia. He was president of Gran Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. Bolívar hoped that these nations would unite and thus become stronger. “


In Yonkers, to gain political strength, we the Latino community of 85,0000 must unite as a voting block or those in power will continue to divide and marginalize the Latino Community 


Some Latinos come to Yonkers as United States Citizens, others come on rafts or small boats, others cross our southern and northern borders  others take a plane and disappear in the community.


We must help our Latino brothers and sister to become citizens of this great country. The Latino USA citizen must become an active primary and general election voter.


Simon Bolivar had many faults, however, one of his famous quotes that can relate to Yonkers is       


“in the unity of our nations, rest the glorious future of our people.”


The Latino struggles for equality in Yonkers have been long and costly. However, we must continue forward by educating our children and family members. Remember knowledge is power and as Simon Bolivar stated,


“God grants victory to perseverance“


God bless Yonkers and the United States of America and we will persevere!

Elections Have Consequences

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

On Thursday June 29, 2023 the United States Supreme Court killed Affirmative Action. Elections have consequences. 


Tuesday, June 27, 2023 fourteen percent of fifty seven thousand Democratic voters came out in support of a candidate who has done very little for the Latino community


Elections have consequences. However, now the city of Yonkers will have the law on their side. Imagine prior to todays Supreme Court decision all the prior federal, state and local laws protected the disenfranchised persons of color.


After today, Yonkers will go back to the early 20 th century, when women could not vote, Jim Crow laws were the law of the USA and voting rights were non existent. After today, the Yonkers Latino Community should expect less from our city fathers 


We the Yonkers Latino Community will have to struggle more and stand up to the unconscionable acts of racism and bigotry that exist in dark corners of City Hall 


Today, the Make America Great Again Followers won a battle. The Yonkers Latino community tomorrow will win the war. 

Yonkers Oligarchy
Read this before you celebrate to much!

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

Yonkers has 57,493 Registered Democratic Voters. Only 8,356 Democrats came out to vote during the Democratic Primary for Mayor on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.


Fourteen percent (14%) of eligible Democratic voters came out to vote last week.  86% of eligible Yonkers Democratic voters stayed “Home.”


Candidates in a Primary Election purchase from the Westchester Board of Elections, located in White Plains a “Primary Voters” list and concentrate on getting those voters out on Primary Day. These candidates disregard the rest of the Yonkers Democratic Voters and mail to and call the Prime Voters constantly so that they will come out to vote on Primary Day. The candidates remind them that they are            “Primary Voters.”


Forty nine thousand one hundred thirty seven (49,137) Democratic Voters stayed home, because they were not lobbied for their vote. The Candidates prefer it that way. It is easy to persuade 8,356 voters rather than 57,493 and it is less expensive.

Who are the 8,356 Yonkers Prime Voters who voted on June 27, 2023 Primary Day?

An analysis would break some of the Yonkers Democratic Primary Voter down in this manner:


  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. City Workers, Board of Education Workers & Their Families

  4. Voters with a Business Interest & Their Families

  5. Democratic Voters who think they have access or seek it


We need to reform the Primary Election Voting System. The Yonkers Latino Political Action Club, YLPAC needs to inform and educate the Yonkers Democratic voter.


The Yonkers Voter needs to understand the Importance of Primary Day and must come out to vote the next Democratic Primary.


Will 14% of the Yonkers Democratic Voters chose a candidate for 86% of the Democratic Voters.         

You decide!

The 85,000 Hispanics in Yonkers

By Fernando Fuentes, Former Yonkers City Councilmember

Former Councilman Fernando Fuentes

Yonkers is a very important City in the State of New York. Yonkers total population is approximately 215,000 persons and is designated the 3rd Largest City in the State of New York. 


Being 3rd in the State of New York brings many benefits. Yonkers receives more state and federal revenue funds because of its size and its urban problems.. 


Yonkers annual budget is approximately $1.2 Billion.  This City Budget of $1.2 Billion dollars, funds all City Departments, City Programs, City Projects and the established Yonkers Community Based Organizations. 


More than half of the City Budget is allocated to the Yonkers Board of Education. 


The Yonkers Hispanic Community has grown geometrically over the decades. The Spanish Community Progress Foundation produced various demographic reports under the Direction of Fr. Anthony Sagrista SJ, Wilda Mejias and Martin Camacho. 


These reports highlighted the growth of the Yonkers Hispanic Community and their issues. Today the Yonkers Hispanic Community is approximately 88,000 people. 


The key word that affects the Hispanic Community is "Included"


Is the Hispanic Community included in the Mayor's Cabinet?


Is the Hispanic Community included in all City Departments?


Is the Hispanic Community included in Economic Development?


Is the Hispanic Community included on the Zoning and Planning Board?


Is the Hispanic Community included on the Civil Service Commission?


Is the Hispanic Community included in the Board of Contract and Supplies?


We want to eat at the Table… This City is not a “Family” run business where the mayor can only hire his relatives, friends and neighbors.


Diversity in the workforce is key if there is to be equity in our City.


Diversity in Economic Development is key if we are truly to experience a total economic development renaissance in the City of Yonkers


Diversity on our Boards is critical if we are to understand the needs and wants of the Yonkers Citizens.


Currently the Mayor’s Cabinet is comprised of One Racial Group and maybe two ethnic white groups.


The Mayor can do better!


The Yonkers Latino Political Action Club of Yonkers will place its demands at the steps of City Hall.


“El Grito (The Shout)" de Yonkers will sound throughout our City

City of Yonkers Workforce Ethnicity

City of Yonkers Workforce

Here are our taxes at work.  Its' time to find out who, what title, where, and how much each City of Yonkers employee earns.  This information is available in the City of Yonkers government website.  However, we did a little sorting of the information.

The City of Yonkers provides a PDF file of every employee sorted by last name.   We are giving you the same information, however with different criteria. Each link will give you the same document but sorted differently.  Feel free to download it and print it.  You can also share the link with your City of Yonkers friends.  They should know where our money goes.

CONCLUSION:  It is sad to say but The City of Yonkers which is led by a Democratic Mayor and City Council HAS LESS Hispanic employees in key positions and in most cases salaries than when Mayor Terence Zaleski was elected in 1992.  Back then, Mayor Zaleski had both Black and Hispanic Deputy Mayors. Mayor Zalesky had more Hispanics and Blacks in key government positions than the current administration.   The Federal Government led by President Biden has more diversity in his cabinet than the mayor has in his cabinet in the City of Yonkers.  

Mayor Mike Spano, we can do better.

City Council, we can do better.

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