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85,000 Hispanics in Yonkers but not existent in City Hall & Board of Education Key Posts

Yonkers is a very important City in the State of New York. Yonkers total populaon is approximately 215,000 persons and is designated the 3rd Largest City in the State of New York. Being 3rd in the State of New York brings many bene!ts. Yonkers receives more state and federal revenue funds because of its size and its urban problems.. Yonkers annual budget is approximately $1.2 Billion. This City Budget of $1.2 Billion dollars, funds all City Departments, City Programs, City Projects and the established Yonkers Community Based Organizations. More than half of the City Budget is allocated to the Yonkers Board of Educaon. The Yonkers Hispanic Community has grown geometrically over the decades. The Spanish Community Progress Foundaon produced various demographic reports under the Direcon of Fr. Anthony Sagrista SJ, Wilda Mejias and Marn Camacho. These reports highlighted the growth of the Yonkers Hispanic Community and their issues.

Today the Yonkers Hispanic Community is approximately 88,000 people. The key word that affects the Hispanic Community is "Included"

Is the Hispanic Community included in the Mayor's Cabinet? Is the Hispanic Community included in all City Departments? Is the Hispanic Community included in Economic Development? Is the Hispanic Community included on the Zoning and Planning Board? Is the Hispanic Community included on the Civil Service Commission? Is the Hispanic Community besides Fernando Fuentes included in the Board of Contract and Supplies?

We want to eat at the Table… This City is not a “Family” run business where the mayor can only hire his relatives, friends and neighbors. Diversity in the workforce is key if there is to be equity in our City. Diversity in Economic Development is key if we are truly to experience a total economic development


Currently the Mayor’s Cabinet is comprised of One Racial Group and maybe two ethnic white groups.

The Mayor can do better!

The Political Latino Club of Yonkers will place its demands at the steps of City Hall.


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